Academic Program Marketing Insights

Insights on relevancy of academic programs to labor market demands, and strategic marketing recommendations to position among competitive landscape includes:  

  • Current and projected market landscape

  • Detailed competitor insights

  • Search term insights

  • Industry trend insights


Strategic Communications

Assessment, Strategy, and Workflow development of strategic communications related to CRM email automation includes:

  • Analysis of CRM and enrollment metrics

  • Industry best practices informing strategic recommendations, and buildout of communication workflow

  • Dynamic, multi-segmented workflow built to meet your audience needs

Strategic Marketing for enrollment

Consulting services for improved strategic marketing efforts resulting in increased enrollment include:

  • Marketing and communications audit followed by strategic recommendations

  • Data informed prioritization of marketing efforts

  • Market research inclusive of enrollment, economic, and web trends informing strategy.

  • Enhanced audience insights targeting

Audience Insights

Audience insights research allows for improved identification of target audiences by:

  • Integrating data sources to include historical and projected metrics

  • Focusing on specific regions, and programs

  • Integrating university specific alumni metrics


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing insights for organizations seeking to improve their website and advertising efforts includes:

  • Website, and other digital assets audit and strategic recommendations

  • Recommendations for enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) and specific keyword rank

  • Enhanced audience insights for improved targeting



We offer custom workshops and training to advance internal skill sets of employees seeking to enhance an organization's marketing and communications strategies, technical capacities, or analytics processes.