Strategic Communication Quick Tips

Strategic communication continues to be a challenge for universities in the recruitment of prospective students.  Content creators are talented writers, but frequently lack the data informing target audience demographics and behavior attributes.  Additionally, many are left without insight regarding relevant content to focus on creating.  Today, we offer some quick tips to help you approach strategic communications and message themes to consider.

If you struggle developing communication plans supporting prospective students, consider key information sought by audiences in various stages of the recruitment funnel.  Below we highlight common message themes that resonate with graduate audiences.

  • Program highlights

  • Cost

  • Mode of delivery (online, on-campus, blended)

  • Time to completion

  • Rankings

  • Faculty highlights

  • Research 

  • Global experience

  • Niche areas of expertise

  • Unique internships

  • Corporate relationships

  • Alumni outcomes

  • Labor market demands

  • Admission calendar

  • Application requirements

Another quick tip is to evaluate your frequently asked questions (FAQ) by prospective audiences and integrate these questions and answers into your outbound communication plan, or website. So, the moral of the story is this, pull your data together and create some wonderful content that addresses your audiences questions, so they can get busy applying to your amazing program.


Julie Gacnik