The Communications Secret Just Got Out

Everyone wants know what it takes to have an amazing communications plan. Well now, the secret is out and is summarized with one word, listen. That’s correct, don’t do anything until you start listening to the audience, enrollment metrics, the industry, and your competitors.

We tested this theory in 2018, and collected insights on communication plans for graduate programs nationwide. It’s amazing the inconsistency in message content, delivery timing, and calls to action.

The strongest takeaways are summarized below:

  • if you don’t communicate with your audience, they will stop communicating with you. What does this mean? If you don’t have a communication plan, get one and quick.

  • If you lack a clear call to action, you will likely have low performance metrics. Don’t assume anything, but direct the action by clearly highlighting what you want the recipient to do. (aka, Apply Now, Attend an Event, Chat with Faculty, etc.).

  • If you lack a “why” behind the message, your audience will stop opening your emails because there is no point to the message. Identify the reason behind your message and stick to it when creating content and prompting your call to action.

Most importantly, start listening. Your audience is telling you every day what they need to know to make an informed decision. Start crafting content to meet your audience needs and wants.

Julie Gacnik