Results Count

It’s all fun and games, but if it doesn’t generate results, it doesn’t matter.  This week we feature a private university with approximately 10,000 students that recently applied PEAK recommended best practices and the results are stunning.  


Previous Challenge:

A specific program at the university was struggling to convert 5 inquiries/month from digital advertising initiatives for over a year.  They attributed it to the traditional on-campus delivery of the program, and increase in online learning competitors.  



A thorough evaluation of their communications and digital strategy highlighted weaknesses that could be enhanced quickly to convert additional inquiries.  Keyword enhancement and positioning around the relevancy of the program to labor market demands allowed them to engage with prospects in a more meaningful way.



Within the first 3 months under the new digital and communications strategy, the program converted 85 new inquiries.  All inquiries entered the program’s planned communications cycle and are actively being recruited for the next start date.


Next Steps:

At PEAK, we recommend a quarterly assessment and tweaking of your plans.  Your communications strategy isn’t something you create and put on autopilot.  You will continually nurture it, and enhance efforts based on performance metrics.  

If you’re tired of generating average results, let’s chat about how we can help.


Julie Gacnik