What's in a Name? Everything

If you haven’t noticed, we love marketing insights.  We love evaluating data to inform how you market, and who you market to.  Lately, we had an opportunity to present at the EduWeb Conference in San Diego, CA.  Our presentation focused on offering tips and best practices to assist those managing marketing efforts for academic programs.  

At one point, we talked about the insights Google Trends can offer to inform the naming of academic programs and overall marketing efforts.   And while a show of hands informed us many were familiar of the tool, the absence of hands validated that it was one of the first FREE tools people fail to use when evaluating the naming of academic programs, or managing program updates.  

We had a bit of fun during this session when evaluating the trending terms for a popular program, commonly referred to as Business Analytics, or Data Analytics.  The key term used by individuals changes around the country.  It also changes by industry.  So, if you are developing, or enhancing, an existing program, you might want to take the time to look at how your target audience is searching, and update website and marketing materials to best align to prospective students.

Our quick tip for you is this, don't neglect free tools that can offer valuable marketing and academic planning insights.  

Just for fun, here is the recent result of the trending term used by audiences seeking advanced education and the trending terms associated with Business Analytics or Data Analytics.  This is the most basic search, which anyone can run, and I assure you it offers enough information to start a conversation with campus partners.

Data Analytics.png
Julie Gacnik