Content is King on One Condition...

Content is king on one condition, that the correct data informs the content.  If you start with the right data, you will be guided to use content that aligns with your target audience, and generates the best ROI.

You can say whatever you’d like regarding the quality of your academic program, your website, your pretty ad, your amazing landing page, and your communication plan. But if you are focusing your effort on a program that has little demand, it doesn’t serve you well or generate a strong return.  

Data is king.  You need the right information to inform your work and goals.  Stop and think about your current strategy.

  • What data was used to inform your goals?
  • What data was used to inform your strategy?
  • What data is being used to assess your effectiveness?

Start with the end in mind.  You need to position your strategy to think about where the world is going, vs. where the world has been, and position your programs, your time, money, and energy in support of the programs with the greatest potential return.  That doesn’t mean you stop all efforts for the lesser demand programs, but they certainly shouldn’t be your top priority in developing and executing your marketing and communications strategy.  The value of integrating multiple data sources into your work allows for a more informed strategy, and possible collaboration among campus partners who can benefit from the insights.  

Data can, and should, influence your work as a marketing professional.  If you find yourself limited on your access to data informing your efforts, or restricted on personnel resources, we should talk.  At PEAK, we focus on providing you data that allows you to differeniate your academic programs, marketing and communication plans.  

Let’s connect. 

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