Why peak?

I love mountains. Anyone who knows me, or has been to my home, knows that my photos are likely those of mountain, lakes, cornfields, family, or my dogs. And there is a reason for those choices.  But today, let’s focus on the mountain... 

To reach the peak of a mountain you have choices: a quick ascent which is basically a vertical incline or a switch-back approach.  For this example, think of the quick ascent as a high-risk, rushed, and maybe less-informed approach. Perhaps you can relate this to some projects at work that require a quick turnaround and have fewer insights informing the development. The ascent is quickly exhausting due to the rushed approach.  

The switch-back approach is much more intentional. It's well-informed and comes with fewer risks. You may be able to associate this to projects at work where you gathered many insights to inform conversations with various stakeholders and you had time to assess the risk-reward associated with development processes.

If you opted to tackle a mountain today, I can assure you that without the proper knowledge, insights, stakeholder conversations, and planning, you wouldn’t make it very far in a direct ascent approach. But I’d be willing to bet the switch-back approach would amaze you with the learning and buy-in opportunities that are available on the way.  Though it may take a bit longer, there will be a stronger collaboration among stakeholders, a shared knowledge of insight informing the climb, and likely, you’ll reach higher elevations than the other route.  

So, PEAK Marketing Insights Consulting was started. We guide organizations on their ascent by preparing them with knowledge and insights to inform their decision-making process. Staying at base is no longer enough to be competitive in higher education, you have to climb the mountain.  

Let us help guide you.

Julie Gacnik