The PEAK Passion

PEAK is comprised of educators; well people passionate about education.  We have university administrators representing various divisions of campus, marketing and communications staff, digital strategists, and  analysts.  The one constant at PEAK is the desire to improve education for consumers through data-informed conversations.  

We've all had experiences where we were asked to justify why one program was better than another, or why one wasn’t performing well, or who was to blame for an enrollment decline. We've all scrambled to evaluate our enrollment trends, web analytics, or evaluate faculty or curriculum changes which could be attributing to it. When we hit “pause” and explored economic modeling and labor market projections, we found many of our enrollment challenges could have been predicted or avoided.  Had we been using a new data source to inform our conversations, we could have proactively addressed the challenge before it was just that — a challenge.

PEAK is focused on the student, the outcomes they desire, and integration of the data to communicate the reality of their story.  

PEAK is focused on moving you forward.

Julie GacnikComment