"I see trees."

i see trees.png

There is a reality to data, and one which PEAK consultants are familiar with, some individuals are overwhelmed by numbers.  So, we limit the “data-dump” and only share relevant insights to inform a recommendation. We frequently use the line, “I see trees.” from the movie The Great Outdoors, to explain the data sources we are working with.  

A tangent….If you have not seen The Great Outdoors, I highly recommend it.  A classic, and funny movie….maybe a bit dated now, but if nothing else, watch the scene I noted above. It’s a great way to keep things in perspective, and accept we will all see something different when faced with a pile of data, or trees in this example. Okay, back to the point of this post.

Clients want enough knowledge to trust the source, and make an informed decision. But, providing more than necessary information adds no value to the conversation, or reaching a goal.  With that in mind, we limit the risk of you saying, “I see trees,” by understanding your goals, and delivering meaningful content/data, which will help you reach them. 


Kathryn, my designer, insists you also watch the scenes with the raccoons so you might as well just watch the entire movie... she wouldn't push the blog live unless I called out the raccoons. So, go watch the movie!
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