Data Integration? What does that even mean?

If you are like many higher education organizations, you have reports for just about everything…and many are never looked at. People may talk about enrollment reports, or if you’re lucky, maybe Google Analytics reports. But even today, it’s rare to hear people consistently talk about overarching goals or how the website can support and be assessed for the effectiveness in supporting a goal, such as a change in the enrollment class.  

At PEAK, we talk about the strength in using integrated data to inform conversations and drive goals. For example, imagine we are focused on a specific academic program - mechanical engineering... By looking at a detailed enrollment report, a program specific Google Analytics report, and projected labor market demands, we might be able to forecast stressors and opportunities for this program. It could be due to the nature of competitors in the market, delivery model moving online, changes in staffing patterns, or movement to a new geographical location outside your existing target space. 

The integration of these data sources can greatly enhance conversations on campus. PEAK consultants are familiar with these data sources, and educating organizational leaders on the use of the data in a meaningful way.

Julie GacnikComment