Data Integration for Enhanced SEO

I often wondered the value of labor market insights beyond academic planning, so we tested the theory on a few websites.  This is where the integration of data goes a long way. (hint, you can take some ideas and test them yourself after reading this)

If you use Google Analytics, run a report showing the keywords driving traffic to your website, and your overall rank in Google Search results.  Then, using labor market insights, evaluate key terms resonating in job posting which are strongly correlated to your academic programs.  Find the areas of strong correlation in keywords, or areas you’d like to improve specifically, and integrate them into your relevant content blocks, and metadata. If users are seeing these terms in job posting and relevant academic programs, it only makes sense to include the keywords on your academic program website (but only if it’s true – don’t lie).

Assess the changes in keyword rank quarterly.  While you will see movement within the first quarter, we suggest a 6-month window to more accurately reflect your keyword movement.

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Julie GacnikComment