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PEAK marketing insights is a company integrating big data into higher education.  The impact for organizations is improved data informing academic planning, strategic marketing and communications, and hyper-targeted audience insights.  

Not only can colleges and universities benefit from offering the top academic programs aligned to meet labor market demands, but now they have the best data to strategically market the programs. 

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Are you exploring updates to existing academic programs, or considering the launch of a new academic program, but need data to validate your idea? We offer insights to inform your efforts based on economic insights, as well as strategic market positioning to differentiate yourself among competitors.  

Unsure where to start?

Knowing the questions to ask is sometimes the hardest part. We have a range of experience that positions us to partner with you, identify your true needs, and understand if we can help solve them. 

Audience insights 

Universities are seeking to better engage with their target audiences through strategic marketing efforts including website content, digital ad filters, and communication planning.   

Our research can help inform these efforts and hyper-target your audience for improved conversions.  In many cases, we can narrow your target audience filters, and improve your ad spend to focus on relevant prospects most likely to convert into an enrolled student.

What about targeted list buys?

Don't worry, we have you covered with targeted prospect lists as well. After identifying your target audiences through our own proprietary data mining methods, we can generate lists of target audiences for you to engage in communication.  


Basic enrollment trends and website analytics are no longer enough to inform your digital marketing efforts.  We provide market research on target regions where labor market shifts are projected.  Ultimately, helping you position academic programs to regions with the greatest growth potential and unmet needs.  

how does economic insights play into digital advertising?

If your target audience wants a better job, they are likely looking at "dream job" postings and then searching our academic programs that meet the requirements of the "dream job."  At PEAK, we have the ability to integrate the habits of your target audience across platforms to understand what they are searching, and when they are searching for it.  Based on projected demands and other insights, we can literally help you understand when to target, what to say, and where to serve the ad, to drive optimal conversions and the lowest investment price.  


Marketing for improved enrollment requires more than a pretty website.  It is dependent upon your audience finding you among the competition, and then having relevant content to answer their questions.  Our research delivers recommendations that allows you to improve your website content, search engine optimization, and comprehensive communication planning. 

What if internal resources are limited?

Don't worry, we can help with that.  PEAK collaborates with the best minds in the industry to support you where resources are lacking.  So, if you need a new website or content enhancements, we will make sure it's done well.