We are higher education professionals, just like you. Our collective years of experience include roles as administrators, faculty, and staff propel us beyond just idea-generators, we deliver results. 




PEAK is a higher education consulting firm focused on integrating data insights into strategic efforts on college campuses.  

So what does that mean?  We integrate traditional data source insights, with projected economic demands to inform where we go, and what we do.  Instead of keeping this information a secret, we collaborate with colleges, universities, and vendors, allowing them to optimize their work and ultimately, reach the peak.  




We know the significance in an investment informing your academic programs future, as well as marketing efforts. In fact, some of our top consultants are still actively engaged in education settings. Our team understands the latest pressures to meet revenue goals, impact student learning, and justify program offerings. 

How does this help colleges, universities, and vendors? Our insights have been instrumental in informing conversations and backing change recommendations. In the most simplest of terms, we change academic planning, website content, SEO, & communication planning. The results are stunning, and truly quite logical. 




Most organizations rely on enrollment trends, website analytics, and surveys to inform their future work.  This suggests past habits will inform future needs of prospective students.  This method does not consider where the world is going, and projected needs of the labor market.

We believe in designing websites and marketing academic programs for optimal alignment to projected labor market demands. At PEAK, our expectation is to help you reach your goals. With a “student-first” mentality, our recommendations are focused on the future.




Julie Gacnik

Founder and Principal Analyst

Julie has more than 15 years of experience in higher education focused on marketing and enrollment. She has a drive to transition the industry from being instinct led, to insight informed.  Beyond her passion for the data and developing teams, Julie can be found spending time with her family or exploring the great outdoors.  

Joe Kreitzer


Economist Advisor, phd

Joe is an economist by degree, and an experienced university administrator.  He offers insights on industry best practices, strategy development, and aggregating data to inform recommendations.  In Joe’s spare time you can find him volunteering with ski patrol, soaking in lake life, or enjoying a cold beer.

Janelle Miranda

Principal Higher Education Analyst

Janelle is a higher education professional with experience ranging from community college environments to large state institutions, with focus on leveraging scholarship opportunities for improved recruitment of students.  Outside of work, you can find Janelle on the sidelines of a soccer field as the #1 cheerleader for her kids.

DJ Loerzel

Higher education Enrollment Analyst, dm

DJ is a data guru focused on developing strategic recommendations and implementations.  With experience in both K-12 and university settings, DJ brings knowledge and professionalism working with stakeholders at different levels.  In DJ’s spare time, he’s keeps himself occupied as the Co-Founder of Yampa Rod Company, testing the best mountain fly fishing hotspots, and spending time with his amazing family.  

Peter Breuch

strategic communications analyst

Peter is a higher education professional and strategic communications expert.  With more than 20 years’ experience focused on institutional brand messaging, as well as focused academic program communications, Peter knows how to position messaging for audiences to generate specific action.  Outside of work, you can find Peter exploring the great outdoors with his family, or relaxing in his backyard with his 4-legged friend, Penny.

Kathryn Joy

Designer and Analyst

Kathryn manages the creative direction, and insights on data visualization which inform client recommendations.  Her experience includes management of CRM and email automation campaigns informed through metrics for optimal performance.  Kathryn can be found outside her analyst role spending time with family, her cats, or sailing the lakes of Minnesota.